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Practice Areas

Winston Bergeron lawyers are here to serve you whatever your legal needs are. Our lawyers have experience getting results in these practice areas:

Civil and Criminal Appeals

Our lawyers have handled appeals at every level and for all kinds of cases. Whether you're a plaintiff whose case was dismissed by a trial judge, a civil defendant trying to reverse or modify a judgment, a lawyer seeking to refer out an appeal, or criminal defendant seeking review of your conviction, let us put our appellate experience to work for you.

White Collar Criminal Defense

Our attorneys have experience representing white collar defendants in state and federal court.

Civ Crim White Colllar

Civil Rights Litigation

Post-Conviction Relief

Civ Rights PCR

There is a lot of injustice in the world. If you've been discriminated against and need your rights vindicated, our lawyers are here to help. We've represented clients in all kinds of discrimination litigation, including First Amendment, education rights, due process, equal protection, lending discrimination, and more. We're also published authors and teachers of constitutional rights law, so you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and drive to shoot straight with you and get you the results you deserve.

Our attorneys have served more than 50 defendants seeking to reverse or modify convictions. Call today to see if we can help you with your case.

Business Litigation and Consultation


Biz Lit Expunge

The last thing your business needs is the distraction of a thorny legal issue. Our lawyers have been representing businesses for a decade and understand how to craft legal solutions to maximize your success and minimize doubt. Whether it's drafting business agreements, consulting on insurance, or pursuing your rights through litigation, we want to be your go-to firm for business solutions.

We can provide quick and easy service to get prior convictions expunged. Call today to see if you're eligible.

General Civil Litigation

Unexpected problems sometimes come up that require resolution in the court system. Our lawyers pride themselves in their deep understanding of how our civil legal system works, so we can efficiently and thoroughly craft a solution to your problem. We're experienced in filing and defending all kinds of litigation, including ordinary lawsuits and special proceedings, and will always put in the work to resolve your issue the best way we can.

Personal Injury and Torts

Hurt in an accident? Suffered property damage? Is someone defaming you in public? Our lawyers have years of experience representing insurance companies, homeowners, and injured persons. Call us today so we can help you get the justice you deserve.

Gen Civ PI

Elections and Campaign Finance

Firearm Rights Restoration

Electons Firearms

Opening a campaign account; setting up a PAC; reporting to the Board of Ethics or FEC; filing or defending election lawsuits; organizing a 501(c)(4); we've been there and we've done that. Our lawyers have been candidates themselves and have organized and advised successful candidates, PACs, and 501(c)(4) organizations through the swamp of ethics, campaign finance, disclosure, and election laws and rules. Let us help you get your next win by taking the legal and regulatory issues off your plate so you can focus on turning out your voters.

Many people don't realize that you can have your firearms rights restored after a criminal conviction under certain circumstances. Call us today to see if you are eligible.

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